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Tax Secrets of Millionaire Real Estate Investors

Richard T. Williamson. Tax Secrets of Millionaire Real Estate Investors Authors:Richard T. Williamson.
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Book Summary:
Real estate investment is the best tax-advantaged road to wealth available today. Through depreciation, real estate investments have the potential to provide tax-free income for years, even shielding other income from taxation. And when the time comes to sell off the investments, capital gains taxes can even be legally deferred or eliminated?that is, if investors know the secrets. Richard T. Williamson, Esq., a renowned real estate attorney, has compiled these tips and more into a nontechnical, straightforward look at how individuals can use the tax code to their advantage. From the simple to the sophisticated, the author explores various tax deferral and elimination methods, discusses the pros and cons, and gives examples of how they work in everyday practice. Geared toward real estate investors, apartment building owners, developers, Realtors, financial planners, and accountants, Tax Secrets of Millionaire Real Estate Investors explains how readers can: ?...

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