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Real Estate Market Valuation and Analysis+ CD

Joshua Kahr, Michael C. Thomsett. Real Estate Market Valuation and Analysis+ CD Authors:Joshua Kahr, Michael C. Thomsett.
Price:5892 rub.

Book Summary:
"A fresh, insightful look at how real estate professionals actually value properties and analyze markets. The focus on different product types as well as market segments are especially useful." -- Barry Hersh, AICP, Associate Professor of Real Estate and Urban Planning, City University of New York This in-depth look at the core tools of real estate valuation will show you how to analyze the real estate market and assess the financial feasibility of a project. Many people go with their instincts or past experience when reviewing the financials and fail to utilize the useful data and analytical tools available in this field. Get the analytical data and tools you need to assess the financial feasibility of any project. The companion CD-ROM includes vital data so you can to see how household income, population, and crime are shaping the real estate landscape. Order your copy today.

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