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Real Estate Professionals Handbook

Tim Baker. Real Estate Professionals Handbook Authors:Tim Baker.
Price:2279 rub.

Book Summary:
In the last decade, real estate agents began viewing their livelihood as more than just a job. Theyíve realized that their team can be viewed as a transferable entity of worth, one that can be bought and sold. Because of this, more and more agents can and will be able to sell, acquire, and merge these businesses. Until now, there has been no set of instructions on the design and development of a real estate agentís business, creation of a viable business plan, system for maintaining and implementing that plan, and the information on how to value that business. The Real Estate Professionalís Handbook for Starting and Running a Successful Business fills that void, helping the real estate agent/entrepreneur develop a successful business plan to start and run a real estate practice, including the necessary instruction and forms to be able to plan, implement, analyze, and modify ongoing successful business strategies, and much more.

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