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Real Estate Law (Real Estate Law)

George Siedel. Real Estate Law (Real Estate Law) Authors:George Siedel.
Price:19397 rub.

Book Summary:
Book Description REAL ESTATE LAW, SIXTH EDITION tells the ?story? of real estate from its basic spatial and conceptual form through all the most important private and public law transactions and processes that govern real estate in the United States today. It approaches the study of real estate law using the past to explain the present as well as presenting discussion of its future. It has been updated to include many new cases and concepts, and adds innovative material on the legal aspects of e-commerceand the probable impact it is having on real estate law today and tomorrow. The book is presented in a very clear, concise, and readable style. With its transactional approach, the book is especially practical and useful to both real estate majors and non-majors.

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