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The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Real Estate Investment Course

Jack Cummings. The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Real Estate Investment Course Authors:Jack Cummings.
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Book Summary:
Written with the local investor in mind, Cummings' quick and easy blueprint for success is structured in the step-by-step, ready-to-apply format that has made the 36-Hour Series so popular with readers. Each information-packed chapter contains learning objectives, key terms and concepts, common questions with straightforward answers, study and review sections, and a variety of case studies that aptly illustrate how real estate investing works in the real world. There is also a "final exam" at the end of the book that readers may complete and send in to receive a Certificate of Achievement. Offering readers the benefits of his extraordinary, decades-long track record, Cummings delivers the rock-solid knowledge they need to get started, as well as the astute insights they need to move forward quickly. Finally, as a tireless and widely respected promoter of his work, Jack Cummins boasts extensive contacts both in the media and in his own field. Put it all together and The McGraw-Hill...

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