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Big Money in Real Estate Foreclosures

Ted Thomas. Big Money in Real Estate Foreclosures Authors:Ted Thomas.
Price:1766 rub.

Book Summary:
Hundreds of people have paid Ted Thomas as much as $5,000 for the inside secrets, advice, and proven system you?ll find in this book! Big Money in Real Estate Foreclosures Now, Ted Thomas ? America?s #1 expert on real estate foreclosures ? shows you how to find and buy foreclosed properties, and sell them at extraordinary profits. This valuable guide delivers a proven system, one which people routinely pay $5,000 to hear about in Ted Thomas?s West Coast seminars. And it gives youthe tools you need to approach any seller or enter any auction like a pro. Aided by real-life case studies and the actual contracts, reports, and ads he uses in his own transactions, Ted Thomas shows you how to: Find promising properties among a wide range of sources, including sheriff?s sales, IRS auctions, and bank-owned real estate (REOs) Understand contracts,titles, and deeds Negotiate with sellers and buyers to boost your profits Get financing and work with...

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