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California Real Estate Law, 5E

William Pivar, Robert Bruss. California Real Estate Law, 5E Authors:William Pivar, Robert Bruss.
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Book Summary:
Known for its accessible approach to real estate law and comprehensive state specific information, this introductory text is a favorite with California Broker candidates. The text explores the latest legal trends, including usng the Internet in practice, consumer protection, and markng liability. Chapters include: * Introduction * Lesson Assignments * Chapter One: Nature and Cycle of California Real Estate Finance. * Chapter Two: Money and the Monetary System * Chapter Three: Fiduciary Sources For Real Estate Finance. * Chapter Four: Semifiduciary and Nonfiduciary Sources for Real Estate Finance. * Chapter Five: Conventional, Insured and Guaranteed Loans. * Chapter Six: Federal and State Financial Regulations and Lending Programs. * Chapter Seven: Junior Real Estate Finance * Chapter Eight: Contemporary Real Estate Finance * Chapter Nine: Instruments of Real Estate Finance * Chapter...

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