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Japan Real Estate Investment

M. A. Hines. Japan Real Estate Investment Authors:M. A. Hines.
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Book Summary:
From her long experience, research, and talks with international real estate investors, analysts, and marketing executives, Dr. Hines identifies succinctly and precisely the differences between investing in Japanese real estate and real estate elsewhere--the crucial differences that real estate professionals must know and understand. The only up-to-date book in English on the subtleties of the real estate investment enterprise in Japan, her book shows how the Japanese economic environment is having its effect on real estate there, how foreign investors are influencing the value of property and the systems to analyze it, and why the financing of real estate in Japan through loan and equity securitization is on the rise. Her book will be especially valuable to international real estate professionals, but also to corporate decision makers in international finance, banking, and investment, as well as to economists and public policy specialists throughout the field of global business.

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