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Real Estate Appraisal, Death of an Industry (Volume 2)

Hamp Thomas. Real Estate Appraisal, Death of an Industry (Volume 2) Authors:Hamp Thomas.
Price:2682 rub.

Book Summary:
Like no event in history, the real estate appraisal industry has been slandered, steered, and stomped into submission. Charged and convicted of a crime they did not commit. Big banking is leading a new revolution, taking real estate appraisers out of the mortgage lending process. Enter computerized home valuation services, being promoted as the "technology-based" saviors to the home buying public. The greatest sales job ever, sold to a real estate weary public who just wants to know they are paying a fair price. Discover the misinformation that is killing an entire industry that consumers need now more than ever before. Caveat Emptor!

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